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The web site is maintained by Daniel Plana Trenchs registered as a self-employed worker and tax domicile in C/ Calabria, 145 08015 Barcelona (Spain).

Both in and in use cookies to improve web browsing. Also third-party cookies to monitor visits anonymously (Google Analytics) and include advertising in the blog section (Google Adsense).

The password you use in it's not visible to system administrators. Periodically we encrypted backup copies on external storage units.

We do not store bank details of any kind, for this we use the external secure payment gateway service Paypal. In our database we securely store your access data and your purchased image licenses. At any time you can access the web to cancel your account and completely delete your data.

Under no circumstances we will use your data to advertise other products or services offered by others. And obviously we will not give or sell this information to third parties.

To ensure safer browsing, we use SSL certificate and SSL connection both in and in

We use a web hosting provider with Data Center in Spain. Where we hosted all the software, images and database. We work constantly to keep everything updated and safe.

Terms of Use

The purchase of the images gives access to your download. But it does not imply that we become your store forever. Anyway, we guarantee that at least, the download of your purchased images, will be available for a month. After this period, if you have not deleted your account, you can contact us and ask for a certain image again.

While you are registered in the newsletter we will send you a maximum of a newsletter per week, with the new images incorporated in our catalog and nothing more. At any time you can automatically delete your subscription.

We do not incorporate to our database information of the followers in our Social Networks, that we usually use to advertise the images and services offered in


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